“Michael brings his own visual and conceptual vocabulary to the canvas, using a figurative mode of representation that conveys meaning other than the literal. His allegorical images often contain, but are not limited to, irreverent and humorous characterizations.”

“Copeland invites us to come to our own conclusions, revealing just enough in his paintings to draw us in for the ride.”

My roots as an artist are in drawing, I like to start with the eye or an inspired shape and see who or what appears. My characters/images become their own stories, conveying complex ideas within the simplest renderings. I strive to accomplish this by the use of energetic line-work and exaggerated form.

About his approach to mixed media, Michael says, “I think of all mediums as interchangeable. My use of mixed media is an effort to connect what lays outside the canvas, taking simple, easily recognizable materials, and elevating them symbolically to a place of importance within the composition. My focus is spontaneous expression, and exploration, building layer after layer as I approach the canvas with intention but without attachment.” As Michael pushes himself further into using unexpected materials without limits, his most recent works have become more deconstructed and abstracted. About this new direction Michael says, “Abstraction feels like a natural evolution to eliminating more boundaries. I am excited about elevating the materials and using only the visual language of shape, form, line and color to create my compositions.”

"A willing transplant from Riverside, California, I embraced the expanse and light of the desert in 1985 and never looked back. As an art educator and gallery proprietor for over 20 years, I am devoted to the arts and art education, having conducted educational trips abroad for art students and currently painting excursions to Europe for adults." 

My work is represented by Off The Beaten Path Gallery in Cloudcroft, NM.
and Dancing Dog Gallery in historic Tularosa, NM

I invite you to visit my website at: [email protected]